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Small groups have always been at the heart of Christian community since ancient times and here at Christ Church we aim to continue that tradition.

Why are they important?

God made us for community and we need each other to fully realise our potential. The groups are the primary places where you can be known and cared for. They are also where men and women can build deep relationships, learning and practicing how to apply the Gospel to their lives.

What happens in them?

There are usually between six and twelve people in the groups and they meet in homes around the Cockfosters area. They involve times of Bible Study, worship, prayer and fellowship. They are places where we can be revitalized, refreshed and strengthened in the faith. These groups are also the best places to learn how to reflect the love of Christ in the local community, through mission activities.

I am a mum at home during the day. What about me?

We run groups called Contact Groups that are designed specifically for young mums with babies and toddlers. These are fantastic places to meet up and encourage one other. For more information contact the church office.


How can I join a Small Group?

People can join these groups at any time of year. Email James Knowles, our Associate Vicar, who oversees the groups, at james.knowles@cockfosters.org.uk .

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