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Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights

James 1:17

This Church’s ministry is entirely financed through the generous, regular giving of the congregation. As we step forward in our faith, giving to the Church is our primary way of giving to God for His work, enabling Him to bring faith, hope, and the love of Jesus to those around us. It is our conscious, free and joyful decision flowing out of our gratitude for all he has done for us, and we only give from what He has already given us.  Alongside our regular attendance on a Sunday and being a part of a small group, giving is a fantastic way to commit to being a member and to say “I belong”!

Mission and ministry are enabled by money. Our annual budget of around £350,000 means we can provide fantastic children’s and youth work and share the message of Jesus with the people of our local community and offer a place of welcome and support to them. It means we can encourage spiritual growth for members in our Discover groups and small groups, offer quality and creative worship in music, maintain our buildings and where possible support other churches for mission in some of the most deprived boroughs of London. And it enables us to support those partnering in the gospel around the world.

Committing to giving a proportion of our income regularly to the Church is an important part of following Jesus. We follow the Church of England guidance that every member should give at least 5% of their income to their parish church. Some of us would go even further and follow the Old Testament where people gave the first 10% of their entire income (known as a tithe) for His works. Jesus affirmed this practice, and so we aspire to do the same.

As a key part of our vision to grow in Christ, we ask every member to pray and decide what it is right to give:

  • My heart: Do I want to give regularly from what God has given me?
  • My resources: Can I tithe (give at least 10% of) my income?
  • My future: Have I made a will and left a legacy to Christ Church within it?

If you would like to give regularly to support the activities of Christ Church Cockfosters, please contact the Treasurer, Matt Lanstone, or complete the attached Giving Form and return it to the Church Office. To make a legacy in your will, you need to consult your solicitor.

If you have any questions on these financial issues, or if you wish to discuss any of these matters with the Treasurer or the Financial Administrator, please contact Matt Lanstone or the Church Office. Thank you.

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