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If you are thinking of getting married and would like to do that in church so that you can invite God to bless, help and guide you in the years to come, be in touch! As a Church of England church there are certain procedures a couple need to follow for us to be able to marry them, and you need a qualifying connection with us in order for us to do so. We can explain these, or you can check out the C of E website where there is useful help with planning a service and details of typical fees too.


We strongly encourage couples who are marrying to join the Marriage Preparation course which gives both opportunity and space to you to learn and talk together about your expectations for marriage, and sets out the wisdom and teaching of the Bible about how to build a strong marriage based on faith in Christ.

We also welcome those who have a previous marriage partner still living and wish to consider a service of blessing after civil marriage. Ask the Vicar for advice if you would like to explore if this is right for you.

Perhaps you are about to reach a special anniversary in your marriage, in which case we would love to congratulate you and offer prayers for the occasion!

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