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Koinonia is our flagship ministry for older teenagers (school years 10 – 13). We are part of the 6pm evening service congregation in Christ Church House, and most of us sit together for that, then we meet from 7.15pm in the House Cafe. Koinonia is a Greek word used in the New Testament  to describe the kind of ‘fellowship’ and community found in the early church.



These were communities of faith who were passionately devoted to Jesus, one another and the world. The Bible tells us that they gave themselves wholeheartedly to fellowship, Bible study and prayer, growing in a living relationship with a living God. Because of their experience of the transforming gospel, they also devoted themselves, as a community, to a radically loving and generous lifestyle, following the example of Jesus with everything they had. These infectious and attractive communities grew in number and changed the world.

At Koinonia we pray we might, by the grace of God, mimic this kind of fellowship.

Klub is our weekly, term-time youth club, meeting at Christ Church House from 8.30-10pm. Klub is a fantastic opportunity to introduce a friend to Christ Church. It’s relaxed, focused on building community, having fun together and provides a first opportunity to grapple with some of the claims of Jesus.


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