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Bibles and Books

Bibles: Maybe you’re on the lookout for a great and accessible Bible to read yourself or with your children. Here are a few great Bibles, some of which are available on the church book stall:

The Lion First Bible
The Big Picture Story Bible
The Jesus Storybook Bible
The Action Bible
New International Version (NIV)

Gospel Centred Family

Must-read parenting book

We’re encouraging all parents at Christ Church to read the short book, ‘Gospel Centred Family’ by Tim Chester and Ed Moll which combines practical parenting ideas with Christian principles. It would be great if everyone could read it, and how about meeting up with others afterwards to share your thoughts.

You can buy this book online (link below) for £4.99



Really thought-provoking and short article:

Have you got 3 minutes spare? Of course you have! Why not read this article, a great encouragement to all us parents in how we encourage our children in their walk with Christ!

Discipling Your Children – More than Family Devotionals



It’s great to have a few child-friendly Christian websites up your sleeve. Make screen time more fruitful by trying out some of these:

Guardians of Ancora



Children seem to spend more and more time nowadays on phones, tablets and computers. Why not use that time to help them grow closer to God! Try downloading one of these apps:

Bible for Kids – interactive Bible stories
Guardians of Ancora – a game where children can experience the Bible stories for themselves.


Christian Holidays

It can be really hard to find fun things to do over the summer holidays, so why not think about getting your children involved with Christian holidays. They’re fantastic fun and provide great opportunities for children to make new friends, have new experiences, and learn more about the Christian faith! We send children from Christ Church on these 2 camps:

Beechwood (11-14s)
Sparkford 2 (14-18s)

And here are a few examples of holidays which cater for 9 to 13 year olds as well as older:

Lindfield (9-12s)
R4@Woolie (10-13s)
Bramblewood (10-13s)


Bible Reading Notes

Managing to sit down, read the bible and pray each day is such a valuable thing to do, but can be really tricky when little ones are up and screaming! Sometimes, having a regular set of short bible reading notes for you or for all the family can really help to focus minds for 5 minutes and align our hearts with God’s. Why not try one of these if you don’t have bible reading notes already:

Table Talk (family devotions)
Engage (aimed at teenagers)
Explore (for adults)
My Rock, My Refuge (an encouraging year in the Psalms)
For the Love of God (a fascinating trip through the whole Bible)

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