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Recognising all that God has given us materially and spiritually, we feel deeply called to give back to the world around us. In 2008 we began an exciting link with two children’s projects in Uganda through Compassion International, and now over 180 of the poorest children are being sponsored by and personally connected with members of Christ Church, lifting them out of poverty with better education, health care and gospel teaching. A third project became a partner with Christ Church in 2012.

God changes lives through his people everywhere, and so we support mission partners in places as diverse as Toronto, London, and Nairobi. These are people who have followed God’s call on their life, and their faith and courage is an inspiration to us here too. To read more, please look at our Global Missions page.

We believe that the Church should lead the world on issues of justice and responsible living, bringing hope to developing nations and to all of creation. As a result of these commitments we are a Fairtrade church, supporting a better deal for producers in developing countries. Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on products when you shop. We are also committed to environmental sustainability in our use of consumables (paper, plastics etc) and of energy.

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